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All accommodation we present in our directories during the ongoing corona pandemic will be open this year on a limited basis subject to government regulation and HSE guidelines. Accommodation owners will take the utmost care to ensure your stay with them is as safe as possible.

Coronavirus in Ireland

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The following applies at present
- Last month, the Government published its green list, whereby people returning from those areas do not have to restrict their movements for a 14-day period. This lists presently contains of the countries Finland, Norway, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Greece and Greenland.
The list will be reviewed every fortnight.
Restricting your movements after arriving in Ireland: What you need to
The restrictions do not affect you if you immediately continue your travel to Northern Ireland after your arrival in the republic, provided you have accommodation in Northern Ireland. [more...]
-Travel throughout the State, including the islands, is permitted
-Pubs operating as restaurants are open, all others must remain closed until August 10th
-Indoor mass gatherings are limited to 50 people, but there is an exception for places of worship which will also open on Monday. Outdoor gatherings are limited to 200 people.
-Face coverings must be worn on public transport and in all shops, retail settings and shopping centres.
- -Hairdressers, barbers, salons, spas, make-up application services, tanning, tattooing and piercing services can reopen.
-Cultural outlets, including museums, galleries, theatres and cinemas can open, as can the hospitality sector, including cafes, restaurants, and hotel bars serving food.
-Hotels, caravan parks, holiday parks, hostels and swimming pools can also open again.
-Adult education centres, creches, childminders, preschools, summer and youth camps can reopen.
-Team leagues for adults and children, as well as close-contact sports and organised sporting spectator events – with crowd limits in place.

The next phase of the reopening of the country is postponed indefinitely. Pubs remain closed, unless they operate as restaurants.

Please keep an eye on reputable sources for any updates.
- the website of the National Health System HSE
- the national radio/TV station RTE

All the accommodation listed in this directory will be open this year on a limited basis and subject to government regulation and HSE guidelines.

Cleaning - Welcoming - Caring

We take the utmost care to ensure your stay with us is safe, clean and comfortable.

Our measures in the B&Bs include:

- Rigorous cleaning and sanitisation of guest rooms.
- Frequent sanitisation of high-contact points, such as door handles, TV remote controls, reception counters and rooms, especially bathrooms.
- Provision of Hand sanitation.
- Subject to availability, Infrared thermometers, Face masks and gloves for our guests.
- Spacing of guests in the breakfast and common rooms in accordance with WHO and HSE guidelines.
- We conduct daily meetings with our employees to review any relevant situation and to advise them on appropriate measures to observe.

The hosts/housekeepers of your self catering accommodation are committed to

- rigorously clean and sanitise the house/apartment before you move in. This inludes the sanitisation of high-contact points, such as door handles, TV remote controls, WiFi devices and Bins.
- Subject to availability, Hand sanitizers, Face masks and gloves are provided

We welcome our guests with the same warmth and hospitality we have always done. While the COVID-19 outbreak is a precipitously changing and fluid situation, we are committed to keeping you informed and to care for you.
We look forward to welcoming you!

Keep in mind:

- Wash your hands properly and often
- Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough and sneeze
- Put used tissues into a bin and wash your hands
- Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces
- Avoid close contact with people who are not well
- Keep your "social distance" to others

- Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

HSE Helpline 1850 24 1850 or 00353 41 6850300

Daily 8-8, Saturday & Sunday 10-5

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